Pentatonic Scale

By | December 8, 2014

The pentatonic scale is a five tone scale. Is is a gapped scale, one that contains intervals of more than a step between adjacent pitches. You can think of the pentatonic scale as a incomplete major scale. All the black keys on a piano is the equivalent to an Aflat minor pentatonic scale.

The Pentatonic Scale comes in two forms the Major and the Minor Pentatonic Scales.

Minor Pentatonic Scale – The minor pentatonic scales is very popular especially in blues music and guitar. Below is the A Minor Pentatonic Scale
A – C – D – E – G – A
m3 M2 M2 m3 M2
Notation Coming Soon.

Major Pentatonic Scale
Below is the notation, intervals, and notes of an A Major Pentatonic Scale.
A – B – C# – E – F# – A
M2 M2 m3 M2 m3

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