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Diminished Scale

The Diminished Scale is an eight-note scale comprised of alternating whole steps and half steps. Technically it is called the octatonic scale although it is commonly referred to as the diminished scale. It is very popular in 20th century music and Jazz Music. A B C D# E F# Whole Step – Half Step –… Read More »

Chromatic Scale

The Chromatic Scale is an example of a nondiatonic scale which is a scale that doesn’t observe the interval sequence of the diatonic scales. The Chromatic Scale is a nondiatonic scale that consists entirely of half steps. Because of these the scale has no tonic. If you where to play every key or every fret… Read More »

Blues Scale

The blues scale is very similar to the pentatonic scale, the blues scale has an addition of the flat 5th or augmented 4th. It is also defined as a chromatic variant of the major scale with flat third and flat seventh. These notes are often called the “blue notes” and are used very heavily in… Read More »

Whole Tone Scale

The whole tone scale in another example of a nondiatonic scale. See Chromatic scale for a definition of nondiatonic. The Whole tone scale is made up entirely of whole steps between each note, hence the name. A – B – C# – D# – F – G – A or A# – C – D… Read More »